Global ccTLDs planning

In order to develop your corporate business, we help your clients design and implement a global, efficient, cost effective and coherent ccTLDs registration planning.

The Advantages of ccTLDs over gTLDs

1. It secures your country’s business name.

When having a country code top-level domain or ccTLD, this way your SEO will bring your company’s name first in the search box because they use local IP addresses, because Google is targeting local domain names.

2. It brings customer loyalty and trust.

While a customer is sisiting a website he may feel safer to make purchases or use the site that has his country’s domain name on. This way customers can see that you share the same language, culture and time zone.

3. It Attracts local markets.

Same as in the previous point, ccTLDs bring loyalty to local markets. You do not necessarily need to live in that country to register a ccTLD. However, by using a ccTLD it targets your local markets. Local markets are approaching websites with their local ccTLDs with more reliance and trust as already mentioned above.

4. It can bring originality.

If some clever steps are considered the ccTLD can be used in a very smart and creative way. For example, YouTube use Belgium’s  ccTLD as to surprise users and create an original impression.

5. It targets your customers more easily.

By using a ccTLD you target customers from that country without physically being there. This way, it creates local brand and customer value.



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