Philippe Boos - Domgate Founder & CEO

I used to work as a European Trademark Attorney, when I realised that complex ccTLDs require an expertise similar to the one required for trademarks and that there was a real lack of professionals capable of handling complex ccTLDs. That's how I decided to establish the company Domgate in 2015. I have created a team of ccTLDs account managers, ccTLDs legal specialists and IT experts. Together, we have been working hard for 8 years in order to set up a complex ccTLDs solution dedicated to resellers.

Domgate's unicity is based on the fact that:
- we deal exclusively with ccTLDs and
- we deal exclusively with resellers.

Here's how we add value to your business:

- we free up time for your staff who can focus on your core business,
- you instantaneously offer high value-added complex ccTLDs to your clients,
- you offer high value-added brand protection services to your clients,
- you are connected to a single API,
- you generate extra sales effectively.

Philippe BOOS CEO

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