Annual Fee
Renewal Fee
Transfer Fee
€14.00 if not free, includes 1 year extension domain name







Local Presence

Local Presence required:

Yes (European Union member States* for .hu only) + local admin contact


Registration term:

1 to 5 years


Yes, Hungarian.

Domain length:

3- 63 characters

Registration processing time:

2 days or more

Company registration/VAT number/ID number:


Registrant indivdual or legal:


Admin contact individual:


Prior rights required:

No, except when the domain coresponds to the surname of an individual

Application form:



Renewal term:

1 to 5 years

Late renewal:



D31 to D60

Early deletion:




Domain Registration Form signed by registrant

Expiration date changes:

1 year ( (if tranfer + ownerchange, the rules of ownerchange apply)

Unlock domain:


Owner Change


Domain Waiver Form signed by current owner + Domain Registration Form signed by new registrant

Documents required:


Registration date change:

Yes, Exp. date+ 1 year

Other general considerations

[Other general considerations]:

Local presence requirement applies only to .hu and not to the other sub-extensions ( and so on) *These are the current requirements for .hu: "1. Application for domain delegation 1.1 Criteria regarding the Domain Applicants 1.1.1 Delegation of domains directly under the .hu public domain may be applied for by a) any citizen of the European Union, of the Council of Europe, an EEA or EFTA country, or of a neighbouring country of Hungary, or a natural person having an ID card, passport or driving licence issued by an authority of such states, or b) any natural person holding a permit for domiciliation in Hungary or c) any legal entity i) established by virtue of law, ii) entered in the Register of or registered with an authority or court, or iii) filing its respective application with the competent authority or court and commencing its operations pursuant and according to the law prior to such entry or registration, in the territory of the European Union, of the Council of Europe, an EEA or EFTA country or a neighbouring country of Hungary. d) furthermore, the beneficiary of a trademark either registered with the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office or protected otherwise that is also applicable in Hungary." Please find below the modifications that will take place in the procedure: 1. -The application request will be charged once placed and not anymore once approved: -The domain name have to be double checked alongside with the domain profile and its data when it’s placed, since there won’t be any more refund if the request is rejected from 2022.07.01. -The request cannot be modified by deleting it and resubmitting it with the proper data. 2. There are 30 days for the request to be approved: a request cannot be resubmitted during these 30 days (to submit a corrected one in case it was submitted with wrong contact details for example). And if there are documents missing or improper documents, they must be completed within 30 days, otherwise it will be deleted without refund.

How to register a domain name in Hungary ( - Domgate YouTube Tutorial

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