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الشركات متعددة الجنسيات التي ترغب في الوصول إلى دول أخرى مقفلة.

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مسوقو الإنترنت وشركات استضافة الويب ومصممو الويب الذين يرغبون في تقديم رموز TLD إضافية ومبتكرة لعملائهم (مثل

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أمناء السجلات الرئيسيين الذين يرغبون في تقديم رموز نطاق TLD إضافية لعملائهم.

Thanks to our comprehensive Local Presence service, we free up the world for you and your clients. This way, you can register new country code TLDs, such as Egypt, Oman, Cyprus, Norway, Malaysia, Hong-Kong, Morocco, Ghana, Argentina, El Salvador and so on. For countries where no local presence is possible because the domain name must match the local company name, e.g. Thailand, we even provide local trademark registration thanks to our global network of local Trademark Attorneys.


Key points of the program:

  • Global management of all your ccTLDs via one portal, API easily plugged in to your own platform, Access to up-to-date rules and conditions of domain name registration, Upload of documents via your portal, Constant update of registration process and status, Time saving (paperwork),
  • Resolution of local barriers, such as language, payment methods, regulations,
  • Human resources saving (salaries, rental space, training),
  • Country code TLDs sales coaching to increase your sales,
  • Corporate services (portfolio audit and consolidation, domain names' watching, cease-and-desist letter, UDRP, anonymization)
  • Dedicated account manager,
  • Free domain training courses for clients and staff members
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